Seed Review: Sustainable Sprout

As a beginner grower, it can be difficult to choose the best microgreen seed to get you started.

As I looked online for my first seeds, I had a few things in mind. One, I wanted to be able to try my hand at growing a few different varieties of microgreens without committing to large quantities. I also wanted to get my hands on some “beginner friendly” varieties. From what I had read, sunflower could be tricky to manage, so I was looking for broccoli, radish and maybe a few mixes thrown in as well.

After doing some looking, I found Sustainable Sprout on Amazon. The reviews were good and the packaging art caught my eye. I figured why not and ordered their grab bag of 5 seed packets. For the record, I’m in no way affiliated with Sustainable Sprout and am simply writing this review to share my experience. And to be even more honest, I’m not really into Amazon as a company and will be trying in the future to purchase seeds through other retailers.

Anyway, the seeds soon arrived and I eagerly drilled some holes in some takeout containers to get my growing environment prepared. (I’ll write a future post about my indoor growing setup).

Now, one of my favorite things about these seeds is that they include idiot-proof instructions (lucky for me) on the back of their seed packets.

So, I just followed the directions on the packet and sprinkled my seeds on the dirt in my takeout container, misted them with some water and placed them under another container that served as a blackout dome.

There were 20g seeds in the radish package, which I found provided just more than needed for my takeout container. The seed density was probably higher than desirable, so next time I might use a larger container or just hold back a little of the seed.

Radish about a week in and about a day before harvest

Still, the germination rate was very high and I was pleased each time I checked back on the seeds in the subsequent days. I placed them on my windowsill after germination and within a week I had what looked like a bush of micro radish.

The greens taste great — they have a nice bite and hearty stalks that give a great crunch. I’ve used them so far in smoothies and on sandwiches.

I would highly recommend Sustainable Sprout microgreen seeds, especially for a beginner such as myself who can benefit from their clearcut directions on the packets and want to try growing a few different varieties in small quantities.

In addition to their radish seeds, I’ve also had success with their broccoli seeds and spicy mix. I am also now growing the mild mix and peas that came in the grab bag.

Have you grown seeds from Sustainable Sprout? Let me know in the comments below!