Hi there! If you’re here to learn about growing microgreens and are interested in one grower’s journey, you’re in the right place.

Inspired by watching YouTube videos and following my desire to grow more of my own food, I recently began growing microgreens in my kitchen windowsill. I was amazed by the quick germination and growth of the seeds and was quickly hooked.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome for those of us interested in growing our own food is a lack of space. Microgreens address that issue perfectly, as a simple takeout container filled with dirt and left on a windowsill can produce enough for a nice salad or can provide a nutritious supplement in smoothies for several days. Really, that’s just the beginning. Microgreens work as a delicious fresh garnish on many dishes.

Just as I’ve been very inspired by many of the microgreens stories I’ve read online, I hope this blog can help inspire others, too.