Learning 2 Slow Down and ‘Do Less’

As an office worker, my day is often filled with countless tasks large, small and miniscule. My inbox and to-do list are full of requests, tweaks and fixes. In the frenetic pace of the workday, tasks are often completed in minutes or hours.

So when it comes to growing microgreens that take a week or two to grow, the simple act of slowing down can be a great challenge. Even though microgreens are among the quickest seed-to-harvest crops around, moving at the pace of the plants means chilling out a bit. And don’t get me wrong, that’s one of the best parts of growing!

This all came to my attention yesterday, when I realized I had maybe meddled prematurely with my arugula by unstacking the containers, misting them and then re-stacking them daily rather than just allowing them to stay stacked and germinate in place for a few days.

We’ll see how things go with this new, more hands-off approach. Perhaps I’ll have to tweak it a bit by giving the soil a bit more moisture at the outset, or maybe I’ll find that it doesn’t work as well as I had hoped. But for now, I’ll try to just let the seeds do what they were made to do.

Just like Paul Rudd’s character Kunu says in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” sometimes the best thing is to “Do Less.”

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